Hi Ka Flash

Japanese Kana Flashcards

Hi Ka Flash teaches you Japanese hiragana and katakana (kana) using flashcards, quizzes and audio recordings.

Hi Ka Flash shows you both the hiragana and katakana characters along with the corresponding romaji, and speaks the syllables aloud.

The Kana List presents you with the kana characters in the order learned by Japanaese childeren. Scroll through the list and tap on each symbol to hear it pronounced by a native Japanese speaker.

Use the Flashcards to accelerate your learning. Swipe through the entire kana list in random order. Switch between hiragana and katakana. Tap each flashcard to hear the syllable spoken and see the hiragana, katakana and romaji answer. Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to shuffle the flashcards.

When you think you're ready, take the Quiz to test your knowledge. A syllable is displayed at the top of the screen in hiragana, katakana or romaji. Then select the corresponding symbol from four possible answers. Visual and audio feedback tells you if you chose correctly and highlights the correct answer.

Hi Ka Flash is available in the iTunes App Store for only US$0.99 / C$0.99 / £0.59 / €0.79
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